Shift and Sparkle Mica Powder


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All mica powders are high quality and specially formulated for maximum color and coverage. A little goes a long way! Packed with 5g in an easy to use bottle.

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Blue Suede Shoes (Light Blue to Light Purple), Bougie Bayou (Purple to Gold), Dropping Dollars (Gold to Green/Teal), Dumbo (Blue to Purple), Fairy Godmother (Light Rose gold to Lavender), Fierce Feline (Yellow/orange to red/pink), Fresh Mint (Mint to Teal), Heavenly (White light Pink to Rose Gold), Ocean Mist (Purple to Seafoam Green), Petina (Rusty red to deep purple red), Siren Song (Seafoam Green to Light Blue), Traveling Soilder (Clay Red to Blue Green)


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